This ain’t no Dublin!

“@olshepp, OMG Wyoming!  That sounds like another planet.”

Was the reply when I thanked @LPOBryan for following me on Twitter and shared my excitement of having a follower from  Dublin.  Yea, how cool the Internet is connecting us across the globe!

Traveler's Paradise

Traveler's Paradise

Another planet, though.  My pride demands that I respond again.

“@LPOBryan, we’re out there, but not another planet,” I said.  “Big mountains and room to roam,” I wrote wanting to write more about the scenery of Wyoming: the majestic alpine tundra, the untouched wilderness and the rolling prairies.  Twitter, though, allows only so much.

Mountain scenery

Mountain scenery with room to roam

My final reply was, “But shh! Don’t tell.”  This response of mine eased the concern that I had initially pondered, “Wyoming being another planet.”

I love to share the knowledge that our great state is such a unique treasure: with its majestic scenery, wide open spaces and abundance of wildlife and recreation opportunities.  And I’m even more thrilled that people like to make us a holiday destination and come spend their money here to then say, “Farewell”.

Recreation opportunities galore

Recreation opportunities galore

It is sad that I-80 traverses country that does look like another planet. (Not that I’ve ever been to another planet.)  Travelers more fortunate to take 1-90 between Sheridan and Cheyenne  are blessed with more earthly scenery.

Despite the alien views from Interstate 80 where the earthliness of Wyoming is not apparent and I see the truth of @LPOBryan assumption, one cannot compare Wyoming with a city such as Dublin.

I love this state and take great pride in that I am the fifth generation here.  Most of us Wyomingites also appreciate that we are the least populated per square acre of land.

Great State of Wyoming

This great State, Wyoming

This small population is a superb setting for a quiet life of writing.  And against all my better judgment, higher powers across this alien state are striving to promote our state to increase Wyoming’s population; as was often the case historically to lure people here to this wide open land.  And when that didn’t happen the women of Wyoming were granted equality; where they too could own the land.

This equality movement was the case for my Grandmother those five generations back.

Equality in Wyoming

My Great Grandmother; it was her grandmother who got out of the marriage in order to own more land!

Apparently, one must be unmarried to claim ownership.  Her husband, then, divorced her in order for them to have a bigger spread.  The divorce finalized, that good old gal refused to remarry the bastard!  (Hew, there’s room here for an entirely new story. )

She had her own spread, now.  And surely did the work of her man, probably more!  Yea, equality!

I have touched on many grandeurs that Wyoming has to offer: the luxurious accommodations of city life, cultural experiences galore expanding Wyoming’s diverse heritage, beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and recreation and the cool clear nights where the stars are closer.

Wyoming's Hot Spots

Wyoming's Hot Spots

Now, for those of you ready to rent a U-Haul and migrate to higher ground let me be honest for a moment.  @LPOBryan, you are correct in your assumptions!

This ain’t no Dublin!  Wyoming IS another planet!

I have painted for you an honest portrait of our great state.  Come vacation and enjoy or hospitality.  Then go HOME!  Leave us lowly few in the peace and quiet of our howling Wyoming winds, our bitter winters, slick roads (often closed), the blistering sun, the dry and crackling climate, the uncivilized expanse of highways (Where you don’t want to run out of fuel nor water and food.) and little to NO shopping.

Grizz! The top of the Food Chain.

Grizz! The top of the Food Chain in Wyoming.

I must also mention @LPOBryan, that human beings are NOT at the top of the food chain, here.  At least in Wyoming you can carry a gun for protection.  You can even hide it in your coat; so the Grizzlies won’t know that you’re armed!

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