This Cowgirl Is Back

Wow! It has been a minute since I last wrote anything to laugh about… hell, it’s been too long!

I could write about SuperBowl LVI, but nobody would laugh…

So, I reckon I’ll leave that up to real football buffs. And dam, there wasn’t even a Budweiser commercial.  Hell that s the only reason to watch the Superbowl anyway, right?

It would be so much easier to keep writing about books, fiction and business like I have been writing the past months, though not much funny happening there. 

And yet, that is why we read my ramblings, or anyone else’s for that matter. We read to be moved, to learn, or to laugh. Maybe it is just to feel something. 

I pick up my pen to give you that. And before I do, I want to apologize. 

I want to apologize to my readers and my fans for keeping you wondering and waiting for my next post or wild event on the ranch. 

Many of you know that life, on the ranch has been ripe with hilarious moments and trials from mother nature. But very few of you know the details. 

And that is why I am back. I am back to writing about my life as a cowgirl on this ranch in northern Wyoming that I started writing ten years ago as a sad, lonely belittled, and unhealthy rancher’s wife. 

A lot has happened on the ranch. And more has happened inside of me. Of course, I promise to highlight the humor. And this comedy of a cowgirl is from my new perspective. 

My new perspective of a divorced single mom taking over the family’s cattle ranch, failing, succeeding, living, loving, changing the world with her books, words, wisdom, and absolutely a laugh or two. 

Stay tuned!

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