More About O.L Shepp

My hard drive is full of word-documents.   I couldn’t possibly find one to post for my ego.  Hence, I write.  And I write a lot.  Some of what is mere, crap! (Thank you Hemingway!)

Hopefully, I won’t bore you with the later.  I write because I love to write.  Not to pay the bills.

The boring tidbits: I am a mom, (a good mom when I’m not confined in close quarters with the trolls), I ranch in Northern Wyoming (which gives me a grandiose sense of humor), I’m a rotten at spelling and a romantic. (Contrary to my writing.)

More about OLShepp

OLShepp and the gang

I write about life, people and sometime a horse or two.   I post weekly and occasionally throw in a splash of my work in progress.

I am polishing up my latest middle-grade fiction novel, “Big Horn Catchmequick,” about a young lady, a disfigured horse and their passion to win.   Be watching for updates on twitter.

My writing is not all about horses, thank God!

I continue stretching my writing muscles and am comfortable writing across multiple genres: middle-grade fiction, historical fiction and nonfiction.  More of my writing prompts are witnessed on my videos on Youtube.

There is nothing crueller than exposing one’s heart and soul on paper, (or on-screen) to have it not be read.  Writers, all writers, must know and write for an audience.  Discovering this need, this demand for material in a niche is not an easy task.  Trust me there are people who want to read and learn from your creation.

I never intended to make anyone laugh while reading my work.  The humor is there, though, however serious I am, nor how serious the topic that I choose to tackle.  My work often becomes a laughing-matter once I get my pen involved.

The desire to write grips me despite my limited writing time.  Once amused in the current project, my words gather to the page like hungry bees swarming in their choreographed bumbles of laughter.

Time and again, my serious prose takes a circus-like detour before completion. (I cannot prevent this no matter what music I play in the background.)

      comic relief (uncountable)

                                           1. (narratology) The inclusion of a humorous  character or scene or witty dialog in an otherwise serious work, often to relieve tension.


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6 thoughts on “More About O.L Shepp

  1. I believe you are related to Ann Al… who was friends/relatives with your mother. I have called and left you a message or two. I’ve worked with Ann for a few years and we’ve become friends as well as distant relatives. My great grandfather was John Owen Jones and my grandfather Alfred Chaney Jones, brother to Eva May Jones Crofts. Please contact me via the email I left and we’ll see if we can get in touch. I’d be interested to know more about your china! lane


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  3. I discovered the fun of writing comedic stories whilst taking a sabbatical in Spain. Since then I have written five books, which I have never attempted to foist upon agents or publishers because I know that they are far from mainstream. Instead I have published on-line via Amazingly some people have actually bought my books, and, more to the point, have enjoyed them. P.O.D publishing isn’t perfect, but at least it’s publishing.


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