Conquering The Universe

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My grandmother’s words were, “I’ll do the dishes, you kids go play. You have your entire lives to cook and clean.”

Those, too, were her grandmothers’ words before her. Truthfully, her grandmother did not know how to cook. She came of elite beginnings as the granddaughter of the French ambassador to the Bahama Islands.

Pictures  and stories shared, speak of a tropical world unsurpassed. Her grandmother was an adventuresome, hardworking, loving and a kind woman, who spent the later part of the nineteenth century and her life living and teaching with her husband on the Wind River Indian Reservation. But she did not cook.

Bring in chopped wood. Fetch more water. Keep the stove lit. Be good to the cook,” she would tell her granddaughters. “Because, without her. We’re sunk!

My grandmother’s grandmother could not have been more right. The cook is the hub of all the wheels in a home. She or he is the axle and the grease; the pivotal point of every life in the home. All things, events and activities revolve around and through the kitchen.

The cook brings us together to send us forth to take life on. The cook prepares us with fuel to keep strong to face the turmoil of this world.

Through good wholesome foods, cooks have nourished and armed us against countless unseen enemies. With full and happy tummies, we can conquer the universe.

Therefore,  take heed of my great-great-grandmother’s wisdom and “be good to the cook.

*This and many more tales to follow as we laugh at life through the eyes of  cowgirl in her upcoming book of memoirs. 


2 thoughts on “Conquering The Universe

  1. Hi O.L Shepp. I’m from Youwriteon. My Name’s Terry. You gave me a positive review on my story 21 punches. Thanks for that. I needed it. So I thought I’d check out your blog. I like this little piece and wondered if you’d seen the movie ‘Mr Church’ ?

    Terry 🙂


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