O.L. Shepp’s Book, Cheyanna and The Hole Horse

My Middle-grade fiction novel, Cheyanna and the Holey Horse, being published by ZLS publishing, will be released September 1st 2015!

The horse has a gaping hole in his neck from a tracheotomy. Cheyanna’s father refuses to support the horse, while Cheyanna struggles with her insecurities over the horse’s appearance and people’s opinions of her, as well as her father’s disapproval. Will Cheyanna be able to look past BigHorn’s disability and ride him proudly in the rodeo.

Will her love for the horse convince her father that appearances and unique conditions do not define success? Cheyanna And The Holey Horse, is a story that will teach children that no matter what issues they may be faced with and what conditions they might have, the courage to listen to one’s own heart is what truly makes a winner.

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