Humorous Dilemma

I never intended to make anyone laugh while reading my work.  The humor is there, though, however serious I am, nor how serious the topic that I choose to tackle.  This blog, it somehow becomes a laughing-matter once I get my pen involved.

My decision to devote this platform as a source of humor was NOT taken lightly and was made with the risk of losing my flow of spontaneity.  As you can imagine, when placed under pressure creativity often suffers.  Therefore, I must regard this blog as a relief, my writing therapy.  (And cheaper than a shrink!)

Through the exercise of therapeutic writing I do hope to provide my readers with a laugh or two besides maintaining my sanity, not to mention expand my writing expertise.

The desire to write grips me despite my limited writing time.  Once amused in the current project, my words gather to the page like hungry bees swarming in their choreographed bumbles of laughter.

Time and again, my serious prose takes a circus-like detour before completion. (I cannot prevent this no matter what music I play in the background.)

 comic relief
1. (narratology) The inclusion of a humorous character or scene or witty dialogue in an otherwise serious work, often to relieve tension.

I do write from the intellect; educated and informative content.  I am also capable of writing serious drama, and have done just that in many of my completed manuscripts.  (Be watching for coming post on Why then, does my writing resort to laughter so often, here?

I am digging into this matter today (Before the ground freezes.)not intending to fix my humorous dilemma, because frankly I like to laugh.  I have never laughed more and never had so much fun writing.  I know that this laughing at myself is good; good for my sanity, good for my health and good for my writing.

This blog is the outlet for my humorous perceptions.  My other writing is more sophisticated, more boring.  And gratefully, this blog is more true to life.

The countless health benefits of laughter mentioned in The New England Journal of Medicine defines Psychoneuroimmunology, and how laughter boosts the immune system. Have you ever known someone with a sense of humor that can laugh at themselves to be depressed or anxious?

This knowledge is sufficient proof for me to keep writing.  Thanks for spending your time here with me.  Sign up today and come back soon for a laugh.

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