Two More Days of Spring

Technically, we do have two more days of Spring. I wrote this three weeks ago, when it was still snowing. Ranch life has been busy, so I’m finally getting my words into your computer. Please forgive the slight delay from my posts.


May winds did bring some June showers. More rains to come are a long-shot, but a hope non-the-less.

Springtime in Wyoming is played out like the ninth inning of a Red Sock’s game; it is inevitably going to end, one just doesn’t know when. Therefore, we Wyomingites hold on, keep wearing our thermals, leave the ski rack atop the family Sedan and begin ordering seedlings with glee.

Fortunate for us Wyoming farmers and ranchers we are blessed with countless treasures that springtime brings: new baby animals arriving, green grass.

Stories of Sprintime in Wyoming

Stories of Springtime in Wyoming

The new arrivals on the ranch, just as the spring, often seem endless. Baby calves arriving around the clock are demanding your presence at ungodly hours of the night, and often during the onslaught of plummeting winds, ice and snow.

This spectacle of springtime, the dawning of baby calves, is a splendid playground for kids to grow and learn. Where life’s lessons and the circle of life ebb and flow on a daily basis.

Where there is life. Death lingers.

We are fortunate to raise our kids among opportune surroundings of a ranch where life and death are prominent. Life’s teachable moments are abundant on the ranch.

Ranch Babies

Ranch Babies

Springtime here, not only abounds with life and death, sex is everywhere this time of year.

Sex is uncensored in the animal world. Sex is natural; it is how we are made. Because of sex, you get babies. What part don’t you understand?

Don’t do it unless you want to raise a kid, a colt, a calf, a lamb.

As in the ranching world, consequences are the outcome of life’s choices. Put the bulls with cows and heifers in May, you’ll get early February calves. Hold the boys out until June you’ll have babies is March. (Yea, just when the skiing gets good! I don’t have much say about this.)

New Babies

New Babies

 The Widgets do realize, not all babies go on the trucks come fall.

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