Beyond that First Rodeo

Seven rides on this little filly and she’s coming along just fine.  New shoes and a snaffle-bit have given way to much improvement.

What a lesson this has been; the glamor and the glitz associated with starting colts is exactly that, glamor and glitz.

Glamor and glitz of starting colts

Glamor and glitz of starting colts

The true/honest criteria of colt starting is more along the lines of patience and perseverance.  A bit of motivation and cool weather doesn’t seem to hurt, though, for beyond the initial ride, the “boots and leather” stigma is pretty much is a wash.

Beyond that first rodeo, if there is one, starting young horses is a time-consuming chore.  And hopefully this chore is a passionate hobby.  Because, if not, the horse you end up with could be trouble.

Unless, you’ve started one of those raunchy colts.  Which does seem to happen from time to time.  Those raunchy colts often turn out to be the best horses, but sometimes don’t.  They are usually the smart ones, though, those ornery  buggers.  And they’re often too smart for their own good.  Too smart to be told differently.  Sound familiar?

Now, just because I’ve mentioned that the raunchy colts are the smart ones, I’m not saying my little (fat) filly isn’t smart.

She’s been bred that way, with those smarts.  Any of that Doc Bar breeding, not only ensures a big but.  Doc Bar breeding ensures a gentle heart, a gentle spirit and a gentle mind.  (Yea, and they’re good at opening gates too.)

My short and fat little Moonbeam (a.k.a Moonshine) filly has been a cinch.  (Puns, again, are always welcome.)  Tomorrow, I will get her and the pup behind cows.  (Didn’t happen today, for I had the widget along for the ride.  And the pup jumped off the truck en route.)

With patience and perseverance , we’ll get this little filly shaped up.  One never knows, she might turn out to be quite the little cutting-horse.

Obviously, I’m avoiding working with the older horse who has so many bad habits to amend.

A young horse is like a fresh sheet of paper; clean, pure and empty of human nonsense.

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