Passion of the Performance

Life, love, marriage and success all have one thing in common:


Passion is all around us.  Are you getting your fair share?  And if you are, are you spreading this love?

pas·sion [pásh’n]
n (plural pas·sions)–  intense emotion: intense or overpowering emotion such as love, joy, hatred, or anger
-intense enthusiasm: a strong liking or enthusiasm for a subject or activity
a passion for music
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005

Passion is the most fundamental of love.  And it is easy to overlook this small ingredient of daily life among the duties and responsibilities of making a living and raising a family.

Seldom do we take notice of the passion that fuels life’s natural progression to tomorrow.  What is noticeable, though, to any one of us through this daily march, is the lack of passion.  And in no other place can this lack of passion be more apparent than The Circus.

Awaken your sleeping passion

Passion is performance

Authentic passion takes hard work, often, to nurture and maintain. Careers and marriages are blessed when this passion is a natural tendency.  For the most of us, however, this passion must first be discovered, then fueled and lastly fostered.

Passion is a primary factor of any art, any medium; for love’s beauty to shine through.  Without the passion, would the love of Jane Skaar Coleman’s paintings resonate, or Ian Tyson’s songs ring true?

In order to share our true wealth of love, we must first find our passion.  What drives you beyond that initial motive?  Whatever keeps you up till the coyotes howl and wakes you before the rooster, is your passion, is your love.

Without love to feed the actions, our outcomes are incomplete.

Delighted with the notion of experiencing a circus, having recently read Sara Gruen’s “Water for Elephants”,  I was thrilled to live a small part of the story again and be immersed in the circus culture, the atmosphere painted so vividly by Sara Gruen.

Granted, the temperature soared to the high nineties.  (I must give the circus performers and the animals the credit of the doubt.)  The performance was disappointing, however, aside from the soaring heat and the unventilated Big Top.  The circus was a bust.  Few of the beautifully clad performers performed like they meant it, like they loved it, like they cared.  The passion was NOT there.

Where there is no passion, there is no performance.

The heat would have been bearable, the sweat a small token of penance had the performers shown a decibel of the emotion that  Sara Gruen portrayed in “Water for Elephants.”

Are you passionate in your life today?  Is what you are doing, writing, learning, creating fueling your fire?  Is your passion bringing happiness somehow in some way to another?  Is this your passion, to soar and entertain in the Big Top?  Then please contribute your graces.  And if not, don’t force the matter and disappoint the audience.  Because, they are the first to know that the passion is not part of the act.

One can be passionate toward the most simplistic of life’s endeavors.  This passion that we exemplify is contagious, as is our disdain for the obvious.

The ring leader’s passion for the circus performance wavered in the heat, as did the entire shows.

I wanted more than anything to provide the crew their own copies of “Water for Elephants”.  Perhaps the passion could be carried through the written word.  I know that it was for me.

passion is love

Passion is love

In all that you do, in all that you say; find what drives, what ignites your fire.  If your passion isn’t in the practice, how can it be, then, in the performance.

As my late-Granddaddy would say, “Shit, or get off the pot.”  Save yourself the inadequacy of your loveless actions and those around you the disappointment.

I challenge you to pinpoint your passion- the true calling that you are destined to grasp and develop this, your passion.  You will be so much more, the happier, in doing so.  As will those, who both must and do, spend any quantity of time in your presence.

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