The Horse Can’t Stop

Screw it up; because that’s what I do about now. So close to completion, I see the beginning again.

I’ve got much to learn about this horse and so much to learn as a writer, that I am beginning to think that reason has left me with nothing but a crux. This crux, is it a crux? Or just a step up the lonely ladder of learning.

I believe I’m in the process of screwing this up, because I’ve got another problem to contend with. (Yes I borrowed that from Mike Scott, AGAIN.) WHAT am I to do with this raring up B Sxxx?

The horse doesn’t like to stop!

Raring Up

I aint got no whoa!

The horse doesn’t know how to stop! He’s never been taught… Here, I thought that I could take this seasoned barrel-horse and put him to roping. The notion sounds reasonable, but he has been trained to run; not to stop. (Keep in mind, that there is nothing more challenging than retraining an older horse.)

I’ve got a gentle modified snaffle-bit, a tie-down and a great big heart. But I aint got NO whoa!

The raring up I can amend, at least it can be prevented, it could become a serious problem where safety is concerned, however.

My perspective (with pen in hand), is becoming clearer. I wouldn’t call this ironic, the inability of the horse to stop and the abrupt halt of this story’s progression. I am naming this association a complementary progression of success; one success begets another.

Therefore, on I plod (puns always intentional ), reminded that I am writing fiction. Life is going on, and this will indeed lead to the sequel.

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