Humorous Timing

The January thaw and its forty degree weather are lost.  The season remains early for baby animals arriving for most species, yet we’re expecting baby calves rolling in as we speak.

Humorous timing of babies

Humorous timing of babies

No babies, however, would arrive while the barometric pressure soared.  Babies around these parts hold on for that dip on the barometer, with howling winds, frigid temperatures and snow; impeccably timed.

My sarcasm abounds as my irony glistens with frozen little ears.  Impeccable timing is relevant to everyone’s life, no matter if you are calving first time heifers or not.  Timing is irrelevant to the calendar no matter how rapid the pages turn.

I don thermal underwear in October and there they stay; a permanent fixation to my wardrobe through May.  Hence my wardrobe’s Capolene trend is impeccably timed with the graces of barnyard fashion every winter where woolens and muck boots are always vogue.

– calling all Moms, Dads and parents of every shape and form along for the ride –

The journey of parenthood deserves its own chapter on impeccable timing.

Take notice that as a toddler demands his or her independence, we are no longer able to lift them.

Another impeccable moment of parenthood for us parents of teenage Widgets is when the Teen’s schedule detours us from any other profession other than being their chauffeur  – voilà – he’s old enough to get a driver’s license.

Impeccably timed events of life are abundant.  Are not these coincidences helpful and appreciated?

Take for example the journey of a career.  I can’t begin to imagine how I could ignore this muse of creativity if I had many more of life’s demands beckoning.

The timing of my writing is impeccable, because now I have some free moments to devote. (I will treasure, one day in the not so distant future, more time!)

Along these same lines and music notes, along  my writing path, I have created an outlet of song for my countless ‘bon mot’ moments of beautiful prose that give nothing to perpetuate a story’s plot.  I leave you with my impeccably timed words that didn’t fit, yet coincidently are great lyrics.


Music Lyrics

“The season of awakening has arrived.  Everything, it happens for a reason and in perfect time.”

I bid you farewell, until we meet again.  And do have a blessed day.

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