Radio, Where?

I discovered a crisp new inspiration placing me on the path of creativity.  Nuggets of irony, as I long to launch my next writing project also threaded with music, in this inspiration of the radio.

Music is an integral dimension of humanity; the radio is one link that we all depend on for a systemic connection to humankind.  No matter where we travel, how far away we go we are always anchored when a radio is near.  Nancy Griffith sang my point precisely, “When you can’t find a friend, you’ve still got the radio.”

Listening to the radio,  selections are endless in regard to the satellite radio broadcasting.

However, for the Sheepherders amongst us, spending monies unnecessarily on what we can have free,  satellite radio subscriptions are unlikely to happen.  Therefore, musics’ inspirations, and fascinating documentaries are limited to my Northern Wyoming broadcasting networks.

Due to living in rural Wyoming, the hours that I spend shuttling my Widgets to hither and far, the radio and its resources are my nearest companion, not to mention my utmost creative enlightenment.  Yet, I find myself leaving Meeteetse in the evening rain;,not Mississippi.

Driving home, en route, of the recent Widget’s agenda, I found myself engrossed in an interesting morning Science Friday broadcast, on Wyoming Public Radio out of Laramie, of the astronomical effects of stars colliding beyond our galaxy.

stars colliding

WOW! Stars colliding

Rounding the first bend in Highway 120 north of Meeteetse, my station began to fade.  Approaching the next curve, the station was gone.  I was left with nothing on my radio waves and only a taste of the broadcast to ponder.  And ponder this I did, because the teaser was all that I heard.

Because of the technological advances of modern science, we are fascinated in observing stars colliding fifty billion light years from Earth.  And I cannot get a radio signal on the Greybull River!?

Who needs radio here?

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