Who else wants a free, writing resource platform providing creative writing ideas?

The creative juices flow freely and often in the midst of daily events.

I am fortunate to be blessed with endless inspiration and creativity. The beautiful place where I live and my profession would inspire the artist within any sane souls ( not to mention those whom I live with).

Crative Writing Prompt-This is A stick up (frozen, mind you )

End this writers block, or else!

Yet, my primary responsibility of being a mother, along with countless other obligations, inhibits what time I can commit to creative productivity.

The little free time that I do have to write, I sit with pen in hand, hoping and waiting for this endless creative vacuum to shut. But the creativity doesn’t cease.

Sound familiar? No? Let me help you.

Now, there is either one of two things interfering with your creativity; a blank sheet of paper or screen or a pen running out of ink.

Sound familiar? Could this be so simple?

I thought so. Yes, I have the solution that you’ve been so desperately searching for. Aside from getting a new pen (always carry a spare or two, just in case).

In preparation to the launch of this creative recourse blog, I must first harness the daunting DOMAIN of a ‘social platform’. HA! Puns are always unintentional.

With this said, I am thrilled with the notion of showing what writing advice I can share with struggling writers everywhere ( grammar and spelling errors, don‘t take my advice).

If you’ve been staring at the empty page or empty screen. My countless and endless supply of creative writing ideas are here to be shared. Open the flood gates, creative ideas abound to propel that creative plot you may be lacking.

Who else wants a free, writing resource platform providing creative writing ideas?

Create an account here and let me show you how I can help.

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