Baby names…

Thinking of baby horse names is fun, thinking of a couple dozen baby horse names is disgustingly boring and quickly drains one’s imagination.

This is the honest reply to the familiar question we are asked, “Why don’t you name your horses?”

Some of our horses, some of the family’s favorites, do have names pertaining to their personalities and we do have those few politically correct horses that go by their registered or papered names.

Like BigHornCatchMeQuick

Like BigHornCatchMeQuick

I’m giving my honest account of the efforts that are put into naming our remuda. Our horses do have names. The names that we’ve chosen are just more simple than most. And on occasion, we really must compromise. For example, when we purchased a second bay horse, we couldn’t have two horses named Bay. And fortunately for Paint, he is our only paint horse.

Chessey’s name came about from a much more genuine source originally. As he began his life as a three-year-old with us, I did refer to him as Cheshire as in the Cheshire-Cat from Alice In Wonderland. Wouldn’t you know it that Chessy turned out to be a Chestnut even though his papers describe him as black.

Sir Cheshire

Sir Cheshire

The naming of our horses is a big job and not one taken unseriously.

Only a couple of the ranch horses aren’t papered and those that do have papers have official papered names. The horses names we go by are nicknames/pet names and who doesn’t have a nickname for their horse like Sorrely, Bay, Blacky, Roany, Paint or Chessey?

Aurora and Smoke

Aurora and Smoke


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