Comedy of a Cowgirl

The snows are growing deeper as January gives away to February.

Comedy of a Cowgirl; rather play than feed cows, anyway.

Comedy of a Cowgirl; plenty of hay and no cows home to feed.

Though we are fortunate with ample stacks of hay to see our livestock through, the seasoned mama cows refuse to come home.

The cows roam the range nibbling late grass upon the hill tops. they are healthy and fat. More so, even, than the younger cows close to home whom receive supplemental handouts.

There comes a time that we must bring the old girls home, but leave ’em alone and let them roam for as long as the grass is available.  And the skiing is divine!

This freedom that the old cows refuse to sacrifice for extra feed; is that what is keeping them so healthy and strong?

One thought on “Comedy of a Cowgirl

  1. It’s the same with the horses. Blanket and stable them and you weaken their systems and their ability to make it through. I guess it’s universal because it’s the same with me. Maybe that explains why I’m so cold all the time. I need to shed the poly pro, smart wool and the fleece lined pants so I’m not too cold? Lets not talk about my sugar addiction, OK.


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