A Message in Christmas Colors

I did not wear red and green out of seasonal cheer today.

I dressed in these colors early this morning, while struggling to recall my dreams lost.

I realize the red and green garments are seasonally appropriate and am startled by my unconsciousness’s clothing selection. Though, I’m not feeling exactly joyful and festive on the outside there must linger a Christmas spirit inside.

I prepare these days for a delightful Christmas season for my children as I decorate, shop and wrap gifts. I am routinely getting ready for the celebration of Christmas.

My preparedness for Christ’s party is one that I can and will muster. Today I contemplate my actions of cooking, shopping and wonder, am I really ready for the true guest that Christmas brings? Am I walking with Christ Jesus this day in all that I do, write and say?

redandgreen 002

Share the true spirit of Christmas

Christmas is more than my unconscious donning of reds and green. Christmas is about sharing the joy, the spirit, the message of The Lord.

Through this  Christmas message, I encourage you to wear Christ’s colors. And I will wear red and green again tomorrow.

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