Cowboy Entertainment

Daily,  we venture among the sea of new babies to vaccinate, tag, band and of course color cute little noses pink!

Cowboy Entertainment

Cowboy entertainment Catch me if you can!

Cattle prices are maintaining a healthy momentum through to calving season; we’ve made the decision to put some money back into the little darlings this year.

Our cattle numbers culled, along with soaring fuel prices and premium calf prices, we have brought the mammas home to the hay.

Our fist calf to doctor today lay after two days of snow amid the only mud on the meadow.

I was the first from the truck.  Well, it went more like, “Leave your ear-tagger and bander here.  You get the calf down and we’ll bring the stuff.”

“No problem.” My impulse, because I didn’t get my morning calisthenics in for nothing, I was eager to spring from the ‘Thing-a-ma-jigger’.  (The feed truck, my widget has dubbed.)

What a cute little fart she was.  The calf, not my widget.

I grabbed her hind foot like an old hand, flipped her to her side in a breeze.

“Why, though, did I put on clean jeans today, I knew I’d be setting on baby calves,” I was busy thinking and looking down at the baby, not at the mama.  “And why, with all this new snow, is she in the only mud within reach?”

I heard laughter from the truck.

Then, I was ushered backward, away from the baby bovine by her hostile and irate mother.

She wasn’t mean, she didn’t hit hard.  Lifted me off the ground, I hear. She simply gave me a bit of gentle persuasion away from her calf.

Needless to say, my widget didn’t get to color the calf’s little nose pink.  She’ll get the next.

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