Find 2012 Prosperous!

Aren’t we fortunate as human beings, to have  such chromosomes enabling us to comprehend renewal?
The year comes to an end, just as it does every twelve months. The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season settles leaving us with the urge to clear out, to start the fresh year and to begin again.

2011 was a year of harmony

What about us human creatures whom wish to sustain 2011’s tranquil momentum through 2012?

I’m here to help those of us choosing NOT to change in 2012, to refrain from this human tendency to evolve.

Wishing not to evolve in 2012

Wishing not to evolve in 2012

Perhaps, read Tao, or take lessons from the family’s dog and live for the moment to enjoy life’s carnal pleasures.

Enjoy carnal pleasures of life

Enjoy carnal pleasures of life

To avoid modifications this New Year, avoid making that dreaded New Year’s resolution. Imagine the pitfalls avoided by not making a New Year’s resolution:

1. No stress
2. Money saved on exercise equipment and smaller clothes
3. Self-actualization, you will be avoiding failure
4. Instant gratification and success
5. No change

The human character is an habitual being, a creature of habit. We’ve all been conditioned down through the generations to raise the bar, to set goals, to achieve greatness, to improve, to prosper.

This year, two thousand and twelve years beyond the birth of Christ, the year of the dragon, refrain from setting the dreaded New Year’s resolution. Instead, live this year without limits, without setting yourself up for failures or disappointments.

Remove yourself from the demand to progress. Instead of a New Year’s resolution to begin 2012 dare to find more pleasure in the simple things of life and love more, play hard, sing louder.

And you will find 2012 prosperous!

Find 2012 Prosperous!

Find 2012 Prosperous!

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