The Fairness of Fair

Camping in the great out-of-doors where the stars are all shining closer, where the clean and crisp air freshens the spirit from the inside out.  This is my choice of camping, too.

Camping in the great out of doors

Camping in the great out-of-doors

I wouldn’t, though,  be so lucky this summer.  Instead, I’m parking in Powell Wyoming (camping) at the 2011 Park County Fair.  And camping only because we are in a camping trailer.  We are blessed to obtain a water and an electric hook up; not to mention a sewer.  We do count ourselves very lucky for all of these amenities, which leads me to the realization of this decade:

There is nothing fair about fair accommodations!

My family, we return year after year to the Park Co. Fair.   Our hope is that the system will improve, will progress.  Perhaps it has, in that we’re now booking spots online.

Oh, the contrar to the progress.  Aside from driving the 120 mile round trip transit numerous times each day (Which has happened a few years.) the improvement in the camping local can only be a reality, once you’ve found the right people to acquaint with.

This year, I do believe, the fair-board has given precedence to those of us living farthest away from the grounds, well a spot, anyway.  Not that the local and highly ranked fair official’s friends and neighbors aren’t better accommodated.

So, the camping is not the fairness of fair.  I am learning the politics of this Capitalist System and I can hob-nob with the finest, if it means the difference of water, electricity and a shorter walking distance to the barns.

I’ve roughed it worse than this, not having water.  In fact I have water just outside my door!  Not like I must carry an accordion from the creek 900 yards down a glacial-morain. (Been there, done that.)

It's better than packing water in the rocks

Better than packing water through the rocks

What is requiring my utmost patience is sleeping through the racket of the busy streets.  The esthetic camping experience is not why we’re here at the 2011 Park County Fair.  This aint camping!

Fair is for the kids

Fair is for the kids

We are here for the kids.  They couldn’t care less about their camping local, nor the distance to the animal barns. 

The kids are here for the true fairness of the fair.  Where they have opportunity to showcase their hard work and to display their passions; what they have persevered in seeing to completion for the past 7, 9 or even 10+ months.

The recognized champions are selected fairly and honestly.  Hard work and determination is rewarded here at the Park Co. Fair.  This is why we’re here.  Fair is for the kids!  Not the camping.

4H Fair Kids

Fair is for the kids!

Alas, this doesn’t mean I won’t try again next year to rub shoulders with the big-dogs for a better place to park my camper.

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