shaped by old Nashville twang

Music is present in my life solely through radio waves and, of course, speakers. Music is always created by someone other than I. I appreciate music of most shapes and colors, from most walks of life and points in history.

The music of our lives is a clear indicator of who we are and where we’ve come from. I’m shaped by old Nashville twang, and by Dad’s influence of ZZ Top and Jimmie Hendrix 8-tracks.  Music from our past and music we’ve been exposed to, both directly pressing play and indirectly, define us.

Music defines us...

The Music of our lives

The music that I’ve listened to over the years did nothing for my musical proficiency. Unlike my Aunt Haze, I haven’t the ear to carry a tune. Though, I can not play a bar of music (except the simplest of chords on my ARIA), I love GOOD music.  Music that gets under my skin and fills my head with noises other than the loud racket of my thoughts.

Music speaks to the soul, from the soul of its creator; much as a novel should do. “The storyteller knows that success in writing is the intangible thread that connects the reader’s and writer’s hearts through the written word.” Donald Mass

I have experienced this connection time and again. Perhaps, this is true of all forms of art.

Music-sounds, usually produced by instruments or voices, that are arranged or played in order to create an effect. Encarta ® World English Dictionary

Music from its earliest creation was a common language among man. The beat of a drum symbolizing the beat of a heart to Native Americans and other cultures throughout history. Music of the Bible is another lifetime of study and research. The book of Psalms is a book of songs written by David from the Old Testament.

Music is worship: “Sing for joy to God our strength; shout aloud to the God of Jacob!” -Psalm 81:1

For someone like me who knows nothing about music, not even where to begin studying, this looks like a good place to begin, The Old Testament.

My kids are great artists

My kids are great artists

I am beginning this study about music and am open to help of all shape and design, because music is the theme of my upcoming novel or WIP. You will be hearing a lot of these research-based posts.

Studying music for novel

The study of music

Yes, I must finish what I’ve started and press on with Big Horn… Please do wish me luck there. This new story came to me abruptly and as Ion Winokur said, “If stories come to you, care for them…”

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