OH-NO! I’ve Been Bitten by the Travel Bug

I’ve been away from the “grind” of daily life for five whole days. Getting back to the routine of ranch-life is not appealing to my agenda, unfortunately.

OH-NO! I’ve been bitten by the travel bug.

Considering that I haven’t been on an airplane since 1993, this was a well deserved vacation. The flight was uneventful and in fact quite easy. Security was good and tight, but not overwhelming, as I’d expected. Disneyland was clean and cool. Definitely, our timing was perfect.

To the beach

Been bitten by the travel bug

The first week of June is the best time to visit California. One day at Disneyland and one day at California Adventures was a riot. The kids were all smiles and sunburns. My littlest had great fun on the rides that she was big enough to go on. What a sport she was considering she had diarrhea both days. She felt much better after pooping all over Dad on the Dumbo ride.

The trip went smooth. No missed connections and no lost nor stolen luggage.

I would share my travel advice here on traveling with small children. Only one trip under my belt, though, does not qualify me as a travel guru. This must mean that I need to test my traveling theories, repeatedly. Yippy! I can’t wait to do it again. Here then is my theory for easy and smooth traveling with kids (this is a no brainer): PLAN, PLAN PLAN!

Our great trip, I know was the result of extensive preparation. I had every detail arranged, except meals, prior to departing. The result was smooth sailing.

And smooth sailing is a metaphor that I will save until next time and after the muddy Belmont Stakes are over. HAPPY WEEKEND!

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