Equality in Wyoming

“Cowgirl Equality”

The recipes discovered are grand, the stories behind the recipes are entertaining and the characters are divine. The tales that unravel while I research and write become much more than recipes, much more than cooking. The people who do the cooking, the nourishing, do so much more. Much more work, love and living go into cooking for cowboys than you ever imagined.

Flash Fiction

“… it is always best to learn your own path.”  I can tell no more. I”m off to the mail box to drop off my entry. I did receive great feedback from my greatest critique. “Flash fiction then it is wonderful I totally get it.” -Dad

Words become Flesh

Words Become Flesh

“words are important. Without them our actions lose meaning. And without meaning we cannot live. Words can offer perspective, insight, understanding, and vision. words can bring consolation. comfort, encouragement and hope. words can take away fear, isolation, shame and guilt. words can reconcile, unite, forgive heal. words can bring peace, joy, inner freedom and deep…

A Message in Christmas Colors

I did not wear red and green out of seasonal cheer today. I dressed in these colors early this morning, while struggling to recall my dreams lost. I realize the red and green garments are seasonally appropriate and am startled by my unconsciousness’s clothing selection. Though, I’m not feeling exactly joyful and festive on the…